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WhatsApp Spy - Spy on WhatsApp Accounts & Messages

This WhatsApp spy app for iOS and Android is a free tool that allows one in hacking into the WhatsApp account of a particular person and read out the chats and conversations. A user can also view all the media files and like photo or videos.

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This tool is also good at remotely controlling the device of targeted person device and also restricts device usage via remotely. No doubt sit compatibility with popular platforms like iPhone and Android has made it highly popular and is used widely.

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So, it is not having restrictions that other tools suffer from. The SpyZee is good enough in tracking down the WhatsApp account of any person on whom the tracking is to be done. When tracking begins on WhatsApp account, the app will work effectively and will collect all the details and will display it to the control panel of the app.

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From there one can easily collect all info. It will collect all the chats done with other contacts. It will see all the available contacts info.

The best thing is that through this viewing the WhatsApp status is possible. Through this tool listening to the device surrounding noise is a lot easier.

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Also one can hear the discussion that is being made into the surrounding of the victim device. The app is good enough at tracking all the messages that are sent or received from the targeted device with full details like content, date and time and person involved. The Evothings Studio is released as open source under the Apache License version 2. You can also find the full source on github.

The previous versions of Evothings Studio are available here.


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To use version 2. Use the button below to get one! Save it and paste it in when you run Evothings Workbench for the first time on your computer.

Get a free access Token. Use your mobile device to install Evothings Viewer from the app stores. Note: You need both parts of Evothings Studio; the Evothings Workbench for your computer and Evothings Viewer for your mobile device s.